Have you ever experienced luxurious and mesmerizing Passover? The nation of Kangaroos - Australia is one place where spirited Jews get together and observe Passover in their customary and unique ways.

Passover in Australia

Akin to any other nation, Australia too observes Passover as a seven or eight-day celebration, which begins from the 15th day of the Nisan month of Hebrew calendar. The Passover festival honors the freedom of the Hebrew Jews from Egypt after generations of slavery under the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh! Hence, Pesach is considered as one of the most sacred festivals for the Jewish community. Australia is another favorite hometown for Jews to glorify Passover with great splendor and gaiety. Though the core values and customs for observing Passover remains the same throughout Australia, a distinction can be felt in rural and urban areas. For instance, in rural areas, Jews celebrate Passover in the typical traditional style and engage in communal festivities, whereas, in cities, the urban people rejoice by conducting modern educational activities and events. If you really want to have a ball during Passover in its traditional style with tints and shades of contemporary world, Australia is the best place to be in! Look through the following write up to gain an exhaustive knowledge about Passover in Australia

Pesach Celebrations In Australia
In Australia too, Passover is celebrated with family and friends reuniting at one place and admiring the spirit of Passover! It is the best suited occasion for those who are not able to meet each other in day to day lives. So friends and relatives come together during Passover to recall the struggle through which their ancestors went through. In urban areas, some Jewish also drive off to an elite Jewish hotel and resort where special Seder meal is available which is all 'Kosher'. Irrespective of the fact, whether Passover is celebrated in a humble way or bountifully in resorts, the vital customs and traditions remain the same. In Australia, some people also conduct educational activities and lectures to expand the spirit and knowledge about history and life of Jews and Passover.

Passover Seder
Seder meal is mandatory in any Passover celebration. Seder meal provides unification among Jews residing across the world. Exclusive Seder meals can be experienced throughout Australia, such as at Coffs Harbor, Byron Bay, Darwin, Cairns, Fremantle to name a few. As Jews shouldn't feel offended and secluded in Australia, serving Seder meal at various locations is a perfect way to honor the rituals and traditions associated with Passover. Though Passover is not declared as a public holiday in Australia, but the majority Jewish commercial activities, businesses and organizations remain closed for a few days or during the entire Passover festival.

Many Australian Jews also serve Passover Seder meal on the last day of Passover to symbolize the end of the Passover festival. Also, numerous Sabbath observances are pursued on this occasion. The historic story of Passover is recited before the Seder meal, which is trailed by a sumptuous Seder meal consisting of numerous foods reminding the distress of Israelis in Egypt. After the Sabbath observances and other rituals, Seder meal is consumed. Interestingly, as this meal signifies the end of Passover holiday, Matzoh - the unleavened bread is substituted with the original bread!

The Travelling Rabbis
'Passover Australia' is a non-profit organization run by the Rebbe's Shluchim associated to the Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand, with the aim to get in touch with all the Jews residing in Australia. The focus is specially, on the rural and regional areas, because here Jews lack the means and resources to celebrate their most cherished festival! During Passover, groups of students known as Rabbis travel to different parts of Australia and New Zealand, and take the holy initiative of arranging Seder meal for their Jewish communities. Every year, the Rabbis facilitate many Jews to attend Seders across Australia.

The Rabbis not only provide Seder meal, but also explore these visits by offering guidance, encouragement, and religious items such as Mezuzot, Tefillin, religious books and Kosher food and practical support in all Judaic matters. To make sure that every Jew in Australia has a 'seat' at the Passover Seder, the young enthusiastic Rabbis reach out to Jews across the country, offering them the venues to experience and commemorate Passover.

With the cool ocean breeze at port city of 'Fremantle' or at the tropical beauty of 'Cairns' or at the multicultural 'Darwin' or any other part of Australia, you can experience one of the most amazing and spectacular celebrations of Passovers and the customs and traditions associated with Pesach. Australia is, thus a popular destination for Jewish community where they have the freedom and opportunities to glorify their most significant festival without any restrictions or communal disputes. Such is the spirit of Passover as well as Australia!