Do you love adorning your house with flowers like violets, daffodils, lilies, iris, etc.? This article will reveal some great tips on how to embellish your house with gorgeous flowers during Passover.

Passover Flowers

Passover is the festival of re-union of family, friends and relatives, who otherwise are not able to meet in their day-to-day lives. Pesach is celebrated with lots of joy, liveliness and merriment to commemorate the release of Hebrew slaves from the slavery of Egyptians. Passover begins with the irresistible Seder meal served at the Seder table. In the midst of sumptuous food, laughter and delight, beautiful flower arrangement can enhance the spirit of Passover and also mark the commencement of the harvest season. Attractive flowers create the impression that Jews are all excited and passionate about the festival of Passover. As Passover comes in spring for most of the countries, the Jews are blessed with attractive spring flowers to enhance the spirit of rekindling and redemption! Jews are surrounded with numerous flower varieties to choose from for gracing the entrance of their houses, the Seder table, the Seder food, the trays and clay pots, wicker baskets with vibrant and elegant floras.

Flowers For Passover
You can experience a majestic Passover week by decorating your house with splendid flowers.
  • The Passover seasonal flowers are luckily the 'spring flowers'. There are a gamut of spring flowers such as the lilies, carnations, tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, violets, daisies, pussy willow, iris, hyacinths,  forsythia, cherry blossoms to name a few!
  • You can line your entrance with beautiful assorted 'lilies'. A garland of diverse spring flowers at your doorstep will welcome your guests with genuine warmth and exuberance.
  • Once your guests come in, you can surprise them by presenting 'Rose Boutonnieres' and 'Corsages' to wear for the religious services.
  • The Seder table! You can ornament each part of your Seder table with different flower varieties. Place a beautiful vase or container as a table centerpiece and include each variety of beautiful flowers in the vase to complement the Passover Seder. Or you can make an exclusive centerpiece with colorful 'Daisies' in a teapot or in a crystal bowl.
  • Fill a traditional wicker basket or a clay pot with bright 'Sunflowers' and use it as a centerpiece. Augment the beauty of flowers by arranging candles besides them.
  • While serving tea or wine, you can place a small rose bud on each saucer or tray to spread the happiness of Passover. You can even decorate the trays with an assortment of Roses. Place decorative lettuce leaves or green veggies at the edges of your serving platter. Display the flowers in the center or on a corner of the tray.
  • For the brunch, decorate the table with several vases of 'Purple Orchids'. Guests can each take home a small vase as a party souvenir.
  • For the Passover dinner, pick flowers that will illustrate the theme of the dinner and harmonize with the colors of the table runner.
  • The buffet table - mix and match the candles with the flowers! You can place the flowers with different hues throughout the 'buffet table' to allow everyone to see the flowers closely. Place candles on flower petals or on a leaf. In crystal bowls, add floating candles and small flowers along with them.
  • A floral arrangement of soft 'pinks, creamy whites and peaches' will brighten your house with tranquility and peace, whereas an assortment of 'oranges, yellows and reds' will add warmth and energy to your house. The pick is yours!
Night Of Lettuce & Flower Baskets
The last night of Passover is considered as the night of lettuce and flowers. It is believed that the bachelors in the vicinity hang out in the streets of the old city in early afternoon, with a flower in their hand. The single girls stand at the port of their houses, dressed in beautiful traditional attire and jewels made of gold and silver. The boys propose the girls with the flower. If a girl accepts the flower it means that she is expressing an interest in the guy and he can eventually come home and talk to her parents. The boys, who want to get engaged, send one of the youngsters from the family with a lettuce and flower basket to her house. What a classic romance!

A Gift Basket
Giving and receiving gifts is a part and parcel during Passover. A gift basket, however extravagant it may look, is incomplete without embellishing it with beautiful and lively flowers. After deciding upon the theme for your Pesach basket, you can decorate the basket using those flowers that will compliment your theme. Such adornments will make your gift look more elegant and classy. To make the basket look more colorful and attractive, you can use bright decorative ornaments and add small rose buds in between.

The core idea behind Passover is to spread happiness in remembrance of emancipation of Hebrew slaves from the slavery under Egyptians. Flowers undoubtedly form an integral part of this happiness. A sight of colorful and vibrant flowers take away all the stress and anxiety that we encounter in our day to day lives. So, pick up exotic range of flowers and spread the message of Passover!