Clip art can be made use of in different ways during Passover. Read this article to know more on clipart for Passover

Clip Art For Passover

Passover, the Exodus festival, is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Jews all over the world. On this special day, dedicated to commemorate the liberation of Israelites slaves from the Egyptians, the Jews feast on special Seder meal and sing, pray and make merry. It's also a popular custom to convey greetings during this time. Why not try and add a bit of creative, personalized touch to the greetings with beautiful, thoughtful Passover clip arts. There are aplenty Passover clip arts available online, which you may use according to your creativity and need. You may also opt for some religious clip art if you do not want to experiment with funny clip arts. Here are some interesting ideas on using clip art. Read on and make use of these ideas on the coming Passover. Remember, this is the easiest and the most inexpensive mode of letting your loved ones know about your sentiments.

Clip Art For Passover
On Cards
Using clip art on Passover cards is a wonderful way of expressing love and respect for your family and friends. Clip art not only enhances the look of the cards, but also spills some fun, making your loved ones feel light at heart. So, this Passover, use clip art and let your near and dear ones know how much you care. Talking about Jewish Pesach clipart, there are roses, hearts, animated characters and many other beautiful pictures that can be used to convey your sincere most wishes. Go ahead and select a clip art from the large varieties available on the internet and send it to your beloveds. To send your heart-felt greetings on Passover, all you need to do is to go to a site that offers some good Passover clipart graphics. Select one of the images from the variety available. Next, download it and utilize it any way you feel like. You can take a print out and paste it on your Passover greeting card or use it on an e-card or e-mail. Among all the varieties, the most appealing are the animated ones, but can be used only in case of e-cards and e-mails. So, on this Passover greet all your near and dear ones in a unique way with clip arts and let them know how much you care.

For Decoration
If you plan to decorate your sweet home on this Passover, clip art would be a wonderful option to go for. There are many clip arts available online ranging from Bible to Seder to traditional religious symbols and more. You may select a picture of your choice and get it printed either on a color page of your choice or on a white paper. Cut it in a desired shape and make it a wonderful wall hanging.

Bible Clip Art
Passover Bible clip art consists of pictorial representation of important scenes from the holy book. Also, pictures of customs, rituals, angel and gods can be found in this category. Selecting Biblical subject in your card or decoration would provide a perfect ambiance to celebrate this occasion in a traditional way. So, make your cards and deck it up with a wonderful Bible clip art.

Seder Clip Art
Seder clip art consists of images like briskets, Seder plate, unleavened bread, etc., which are related to the Seder feast. It may depict the fun of get together, the joy of occasion and a representation of the rich scrumptious food and wine. You may use this clipart in Seder invitation cards or to decorate your home if you are hosting a Seder party on this Passover.

Religious Clip Art
Religious clip arts consist mainly of Jewish religious symbols like Mezuzah, Tzitzit and Tallit, Menorah, Magen David, etc. You may use it on greeting cards or on decorations to give a spiritual touch to them. Highly revered, these religious symbols help you add the extra religious flavor to your invitations and decorations.

Other Images
Other images like flowers, wordings and also be used on invitation cards. These clip arts are less used as the other three types have more significance associated with this festival.

Mentioned above are some interesting ideas on how you can make use of clip art during Passover. Hope this article succeeded in providing you with some useful information in this regard.