This article brings you some top movies to be watched on Passover. Explore the article to know about the best movies for Pesach holiday.

Passover Movies

Passover is one of the most sacred festivals for the Jews. It commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from the tyrannical and cruel ancient Egyptian rule. Passover is celebrated with great ardor and devotion. The festival of Passover falls on the 15th day of the first Hebrew month of Nisan. As per the Gregorian calendar, the date falls on the month of either March or April. A wide number of rituals and customs are followed to remember and honor the sacrifice and pain that the ancestors endured to cross the Red Sea. The weeklong celebrations for the festival begin on the night of the 14th day of the Hebrew month. Houses are cleaned in advance to remove any leavened grain that is prohibited during the Passover week. A luxurious and delicious meal consisting of traditional delicacies is prepared for the Seder. This is carried out very religiously. This continues for the next night as well. During the next few days, people indulge in merry making by visiting their relatives and friends and exchanging greetings. There are some movies that can make your Passover celebrations all the more enjoyable. Here in this article some popular Passover movies have been compiled. Read on to find the best movies for Pesach holiday.

Top Passover Movies

The Prince of Egypt
The film is an adaptation of the 'Book of Exodus' that depicts the life of Moses, from being the prince of Egypt to leading the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. Produced and released by DreamWorks Animation, a number of Hollywood actors lent their voice to the movie. Directed by Brenda Chapman, Simon Wells and Steve Hickner, 'The Prince of Egypt' is a 1998 animated movie and have been one of the best portrayal of the escape of the tribe of Israel from the clutches of slavery.

Joseph: King of Dreams
'Joseph: King of Dreams' is a 2000 animated movie based on the well-known story adapted from the Book of Genesis, 'King of Dreams'. It revolves around the life of Joseph, a "miracle child" who is gifted with the ability of visualizing future while sleeping. Joseph's abilities to prognosticate make him win a favored position with the Pharaoh of Egypt but ignites rancor in the relationship with his brothers. This movie emphasizes on love hatred that one inhibits towards his loved ones. Directed by Rob LaDuca and Robert C. Ramirez, the film was produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg, under the banner of DreamWorks Animation.

'Exodus' is a 1960 epic war film adapted from the 1958 novel 'Exodus' written by Leon Uris. The movie showcases some of the historical and fictional events connected with the liberation of the state of Israel in the year 1947-48. It also centers on the events that the ship Exodus had to undergo. The film was directed and produced by Otto Preminger, and was made by Alpha and Carlyle Productions. The distribution was done by United Artists. Actors like Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Lee J. Cobb and Sal Mineo, played the leading roles in the film. The movie showcased some of the historical and fictional events pertaining to the emergence of the state of Israel as an independent nation in the year 1947-48. Characterized as a "Zionist epic", the film was said to have an enormous influence in evoking Zionism and an overwhelming support for Israel in the United States.

Europa Europa
Based on an autobiography written by Solomon Perel, 'Europa Europa' is a 1990 film directed by Agnieszka Holland. It revolves around a young Jewish boy who survives the persecution from the Nazis by posing as an Aryan German. The movie reveals the good and evil traits that every person inhibits in him but at the end of the day, each one is a human.

The Nativity Story
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, 'The Nativity Story' is a drama film revolving around the two year journey of Mary and Joseph's life from leaving Nazareth to entering Bethlehem for the birth of Baby Jesus. The movie won many hearts, received ravishing reviews from the critics, and is believed to be one of the best Jesus movies ever made.

These are some of the finest and most popular movies to be watched with friends and family members during the Passovers. Kids and elders will enjoy these movies equally.