'The Prince Of Egypt' is an animated movie and perhaps one of the best to watch on the occasion of Passover. Read to know the plot and summary of 'The Prince Of Egypt'.

The Prince Of Egypt

Directed by Brenda Chapman, Simon Wells and Steve Hickner, 'The Prince of Egypt' is a 1998 animated musical drama movie. The film is an adaptation of the 'Book of Exodus' that depicts the life of Moses, from being the prince of Egypt to leading the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. Produced and released by DreamWorks Animation, a number of Hollywood actors lent their voice to the movie. The casting in the movie included Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Stewart and others. At the 1999 Academy Awards, the film was nominated for best Original Music Score and won for Best Original Song for "When You Believe". A fine portrayal of the story of Passover, this film is sure to be appreciated by kids and adults alike, 'The Prince of Egypt' is a great movie to watch on the occasion of Passover. Read on further to know the story and plot summary of this movie.

The Prince Of Egypt Story
The movie begins with Pharaoh's men raiding a Jewish settlement in Egypt. Jochebed (also spelled as Yocheved) (Ofra Haza) places her son in a reed basket and sets it afloat on River Nile hoping that this would save her son as pharaoh ordered Jew children to be killed to curb their number, lest there be an uprising. Meanwhile, the basket is noticed by the Queen of Egypt (Helen Mirren), who adopts the baby and names him Moses. Twenty years down the line, Moses (Val Kilmer) and his foster-brother, Ramses II (Ralph Fiennes), are shown racing their chariots through Egyptian temples thereby, destroying the idols of the Gods. Ramses feels offended when scolded by his father for his sophomoric misadventure, Seti I, who believes that he would ruin the family dynasty, as Ramses is in line of succession for the throne.

Later in the evening, a banquet is held where Ramses is named Prince Regent who joyfully names Moses as the Royal Chief Architect. The high priests Hotep (Steve Martin) and Huy (Martin Short) come forward and offer Tzipporah (Michelle Pfeiffer) to Ramses as a gift. However, Ramses rejects to accept and gives the girl to Moses. Eventually she runs away with the help of Moses. He follows her and reaches a Jewish settlement where he meets his siblings, Miriam (Sandra Bullock) and Aaron (Jeff Goldblum) and comes across the truth. Though Moses denies at start but one nightmare and a discussion with his adoptive parents exposes the truth.

The next day Moses kills an Egyptian guard accidentally who was abusing an old slave. Consequently, being ashamed and confused, he runs away in exile and reaches Midian, where he saves Tzipporah's sisters from bandits. Jethro (Danny Glover), Tzipporah's father welcomes him with open arms and designates him the position of a shepherd. Gradually, Moses and Tzipporah get attracted towards each other which results in their marriage. While chasing a stray lamb, Moses reaches a burning bush where he is instructed by God (Val Kilmer) to set free the slaves from Egypt. Moses and Tzipporah return back to the palace and surprisingly find that Ramses has been crowned the Pharaoh and is the father of a young prince.

Moses requests Ramses to let go of all the slaves and demonstrates the power of his shepherding staff that he changes into an Egyptian Cobra. Hotep and Huy reiterate the transformation by bringing in many Gods of Egypt, all of which get eaten by the snake created by Moses. Ramses hardens in demeanor and instructs to double up the work of the slaves. In the work field, Moses is confronted by an elder Hebrew worker and Aaron who holds Moses responsible for the excess workload that has been put upon them. At Ramses' orders, the guards rush to bring back Moses, but to their dismay, the water turns into blood. The nine plagues of Egypt ensue.

Moses meets Ramses and warns him about the tenth plague but he asks Moses never to return to Egypt. At Moses' instructions, the Hebrews paint lamb's blood on their doors for the coming Passover night. God comes down to Egypt and kills all the firstborn kids of Egypt, including Ramses' son. Moses visits Ramses once again and this time, he agrees to free the Hebrews from his slavery. The next morning, the Jews are happy and set for the Red Sea. However, Ramses yet again changes his mind and asks his army to chase them. The Jews cross the Red Sea while a pillar of fire is built blocking the Egyptians from the Red Sea.

Hence, Moses successfully liberates the children of Israel from the clutches of the Egyptians at the behest of God. Towards the end, Moses returns back and sadly murmurs "Good bye, Brother". The final scene of the movie shows Moses descending from Mount Horeb with two stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments by God for the people to live by them. The movie closes with Jochebed's voice echoing in the background.

The movie is the characterization of the liberty the Jews attained which marked the beginning of Passover festivities and therefore a great movie to watch on the occasion of Passover for both children and adult.