Passover favors are the best way to show your gratitude towards the guests. Explore this article to find some favor ideas for Pesach party.

Passover Favors

Passover is a Jewish festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first Hebrew month of Nisan which falls in the month of March or April according to the Gregorian calendar. This festival is also known as Pesach, which commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from the dictatorship and enslavement of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Hence, Passover is celebrated with immense sumptuousness and magnificence throughout the world. During Passover, family gatherings, feasting and merry-making add the key elements of the festivities. What more? The weeklong festival is marked by feasting and partying by entire family where each family member participates in Passover celebration. When it is a party, favors are the best way to end it and thank the guests for their participation in the celebration. Continue reading through the lines below to get some ideas for Passover favors and what Passover favors you can gift to your family and friends.

Passover Party Favor Ideas
  • For Passover party, you can distribute CDs narrating the Passover stories or Passover songs.
  • How about giving matzah hampers to every gift? Not only will they be traditional, but also a great Passover symbol to have.
  • For children, you can purchase stickers, tattoos, key chains, blowouts, yo-yos and tote bags with pictures or monograms of Passover.
  • Chocolates and candies are all-time favorite as party favors. Grab some chocolates and candy-filled goblets from the best brands in the house and let everyone have a share of them.
  • In case you are willing to personalize your Passover favors, opt for hats, jewelry, sunglasses, and others that pertain to an individual's choice.
  • Also, you can give guest a copy of the Holy Haggadah. Indeed, the best party favor that you can give a person revealing the true spirit of the festival!
  • Candles, matzah spreaders, matzah sweepers and boxes of silver disposable cutlery are some other ideas that can be used as favors for Passover party.
  • A set of four wine cups can also be distributed as party favors. They are symbolic of the four promises made to the Israelites by the Lord.
Passover Greeting Card
Kids can have fun while they are learning when creating Passover greeting card craft which involves writing Pesach, aka- Passover, in Hebrew on the front of the card alongside a Star of David for extra effect.

Passover Seder Place Mat
Celebrate the Passover holiday with this decorative Passover Seder Place Mat craft for kids.

Bedikat Chametz
This Passover Bedikat Chametz craft is a fun activity for kids to make them learn as well as celebrate the Jewish holiday.

Cardboard Tube Moses
Cardboard Tube Moses craft for kids makes an excellent Passover, Easter or even Sunday school activity. You can also add baby Moses as your Passover favors and narrate the whole story about Moses.

Parting Of The Red Sea
This kids' craft reinvents the Parting of the Red Sea, symbolic of the Jewish Passover. It is also a fun way to teach children stories from the Bible.

Spring Seder Plate
Decorate a pretty paper plate with the symbols of Passover. It's a wonderful way to celebrate Seder and kids will love this easy craft.

Afikomen Bag
Celebrate Passover with pretty no-sew fabric craft. Children will love decorating this special afikomen bag to hold a piece of Matzah.

Elijah's Goblet
Elijah's goblet is a special part of Passover or Pesach. Create your own by decorating an inexpensive plastic glass with tissue paper.

Marvelous Matzoh Cover
Celebrate Passover with this easy and bright no-sew fabric craft. Kids will love making this special matzah cover to decorate your Seder table.

Passover Cup Favor
This Passover Cup party favor craft is perfect for any Passover table. You and your children will love gluing the buttons together to create their cup and then filling it with candies for their dinner guests.

Elijah's Cup Place Card
There are several creative Elijah Cup Place Card holders, which will be a nice touch to any Passover dinner table. Build the nametags for your guests and friends.

Passover T-shirt Pillow
This Passover T-shirt Pillow makes a great Passover favor. It is very easy to craft and your children will enjoy making the easy fabric craft that the leader of their Seder can recline on.