Passover is a festival that ushers in the spring season. Here are a few Passover decoration ideas.

Passover Decorations

Passover is around the corner and it's time to welcome this joyous occasion with gaiety. Jews gather on this day and thank the Lord for their freedom from enslavement. This equips children with the Jewish tradition as the various and customs of Passover are passed onto the next generation. Apart from this, the Passover decorations form an integral unit and collect awes from all for the creativity. According to the Jewish custom, the Seder table is the main focus with center pieces, candle, fine table setting, glass ware, table covers, place cards and crockery. It should be set in a way that the guests feel comfortable around the table. Placing a vase of flowers at the center of the table augments a fresh feel to the gathering as well. There might be numerous ways to decorate your home this Passover. Scroll further to take a look at some unique ways to enjoy Passover this spring season.

Passover Holiday Decorations
Cool Egg Container Gardens
Materials Required
  • Moss (Spanish moss or plastic grass)
  • Egg Shells (broken as neatly as possible in half)
  • Wheatgrass seed (from a nursery or health food store)
  • Spoon
  • Small Flowerpot, Bowl or Eggcup
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Screen, Paper or Small Stone
  • Needle or Pin
  • Potting Soil
  • Place your eggshell on a solid, but open surface. Take a needle and pierce the bottom of your shell. Then make several more holes next to the first, to broaden the hole.
  • Gently break the edge of the shell to filter its shape, until you get the look you want. You can choose either an uneven or a smoother look. If you are doing several eggs, try to get the eggs as even as possible, in size as well as edge shape
  • Put a small piece of plastic window screen, a small stone or a piece of newspaper over the drainage hole, so that your soil does not wash out.
  • Take a spoon; add a small amount of potting soil into your eggshells. Don't put too much in, or the grass will push it out as it grows. Then, with your finger or spoon, gently paddle down and flatten the soil.
  • Spray the soil with water until it is moist. Then spread your wheatgrass seeds on top. Make sure you have a thick layer of seeds, so your grass will be lush.
  • Lay a layer of soil on top of the wheatgrass seeds. Use enough to completely cover the seeds.
  • Spray the soil until it's moist and make sure you don't make it completely wet. You should see some shoots in a couple of days and some real greenery after 3 or 4 days.
Centerpiece - Create a True Conversation Piece
Materials Required
  • One or two squares of fresh sod
  • Cut the squares to fit into a plate or tray that can be easily cleaned, or else you can use a piece which you already have.
  • Add a collection of spring decorations such as bunnies, eggs (real or artificial), or fuzzy chicks.
  • Purchase decorations for the grass
  • Buy tiny clay flower pots and paint them with black chalkboard paint.
  • Fill each pot with a spring plant such as a pansy, or primrose.
  • Use chalk to write the name of each guest on a pot and put it at their seat at the table. You've created a place card and favor in one. You can organize this with candles of various shapes and sizes.
  • You can also use a fabric ribbon and a set of colorful packets of flower seeds in each pot instead of the chalkboard paint.
Some Tips For Decorations
  • Clean your home thoroughly to welcome the festival. Remove all the non-edible sour dough and the garbage and also leavened bread. Decorate the rooms with fresh flowers to spread its blossoming fragrance.
  • Wash the dining table with hot water or you may also cover the table with a waterproof liner.
  • Place festive napkins on the table and an appropriate table cloth. Place cards indicating the names of the guests can be put around the table indicating their seating positions.
  • Craft or purchase an Afikomen bag and keep it all set to hold the matzah.
  • Ensure to keep a pitcher, bowl and a towel for use during the hand washing ceremony.
  • Place Passover candles and the candle holders on the table.