Traditional gifts for Pesach feast such as Seder plates and Seder silverware are common. Besides them, kosher wines and Mastzah foods are also good Peach gift basket ideas.

Passover Gift Ideas

Passover is an extremely significant festival for the Jewish community. It is celebrated on the 14th day of Nissan (the end of March or the beginning of April), to honor the historic freedom of the Hebrews. The festival is celebrated for seven days involving a whirlpool of events like decorating house, prayers, feasting and parties! Apart from all the preparation Passover has an important ritual that is observed during the Seder time. It involves reading Holy Haggadah, the chanting of blessings, festival stories and the recital of some popular Pesach hymns and songs. Passover is a time for gathering of family and friends and sharing light moments. Thus, Passover celebrations are marked throughout the world with immense dedication and honor Gift exchanging is a common tradition followed on Passover and Seder feasts. If you have been looking forward to gift a unique and special present to your loved ones, this article has plenty of options available for you.

Passover Presents
The traditional gifts that are often exchanged are boxes of different fruits and sweets. Also, instead of boxes, you can carry assorted gift baskets for them. Since wine is an important part of the Seder feast, Kosher Passover wines can be gifted at Seder or Passover. Passover flowers are, of course, the most obvious choice for everybody and can never go wrong. Let your near and dear ones know how much they mean to you on this holy festival. Passover is the day for celebration and feast, thus, wine glasses, dishware and silverware can also be offered as Passover presents to your hosts.

Passover Flowers And Plants
This year Passover begins at sundown on April 6th, 2012 and lasts for eight days. To celebrate the Passover a Seder is held on the first day. As the decorating Seder table is an important custom, a floral centerpiece for the dinner table is an excellent idea to celebrate the holiday. Floral and plants are a perfect Passover gift.

Koshers Classic Gift Basket
Kosher gift baskets like the "Passover Tower" made out of exclusive kosher products are a great gift item to give for Passover. Many kosher gift baskets are available like "healthy Passover" gift basket.

Tea and Fruit Boxes for Passover
"Ora's Organic Tea Sensation gift box" , carrying kosher products by Ora's, are perfect to gift during Passover. Fruit boxes like Savion Fruit Slices Gift Box Passover has an assorted fruit slice preserved with sugar and make excellent gifts to take to family's and friend's houses when visiting them for Passover.

Passover Card Games
Passover Go Fish Card Game is also an ideal Passover gift that both family and friends will enjoy and this gift will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Passover Seder Gifts
Gifts like the "Authentic Plagues Bag in Burlap Bag, The Original Passover Seder Gift" are one among the great gifts to amuse kids during Pesach Seder and to bring to exodus's "The Telling" poem. This is a fabulous approach to make children imagine the events that led up to the exodus and understand the story much better.

Wine Fountains
Beautiful Kiddush Wine Fountain for Passover is a lovely gift to present close friends and family during Passover. Kiddush wine fountain is silver plated, ideal for gifting to a new couple during their first Passover or even to a family who is celebrating their first Passover in their new house.

Matzah Sweeper
Matzah Sweeper is lightweight Passover Matzah Sweeper by Factory Card and Party Outlet. Sweeps with light pressure and also does not require any batteries to work! Making Matzah can get messy and this Passover Matzah sweeper will be greatly appreciated by anyone you gift it to.

Matzah Foods
Since only Matzah foods are allowed on Passover, you can carry chocolate covered Matzah foods or crackers and some kosher foods and drinks for your loved ones. Seder plates and books of Haggadah, can be gifted on Passover as it has deep rooted religious significance. Matzah and Afikomen covers are some of other options that are appropriate for Pesach feasts. Table centerpieces and dinnerware are also great gifts that can be gifted on Passover.

You can also send passover gifts online to your near and dear ones.