Elijah is an important biblical prophet and a heroic figure in Jewish tradition.

Elijah The Prophet

Elijah the Prophet (Eliyahu Ha-Navi in Hebrew) is one of the important Hebrew biblical prophets who lived in 9th century B.C during the reign of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel in Israel. The Prophet Elijah is also known by the name Tishbite as he belonged to Toshavim class from Transjordanic Gilead region. Elijah is considered by all Semitic faiths as a miracle maker, healer, and a brave man who stood against the powers of Kings and false prophets. In Jewish tradition, Elijah is invoked during Passover Seder, Brit milah and at the weekly Havdalah ritual marking the end of Shabbat. In the New Testament, Jesus and John the Baptist are compared with Elijah. Quran describes Elijah as righteous prophet of God who preached against the worship of Baal. Prophet Elijah is believed to have lived in the area of Carmel, the present-day city of Haifa, located in the northern parts of Israel and left his name and memory of events in many biblical places. Elijah is considered as one who served God and a man of prayer.

Who IS Elijah The Prophet
In the Bible, Elijah (Eliyahu) the Prophet is said to have lived during the period of the Ten Tribes. In Jewish tradition, a special cup of wine is filled and put on the Seder table. During the Seder, the door of the house is opened and everyone stands to invite Elijah, the Prophet to enter and drink. At every bris, a chair is also set aside for Elijah. At the conclusion of Shabbat, Jews sing about Elijah, hoping he will come "speedily, in our days... along with the Messiah, son of David, to redeem us." As per the Books of Kings, Elijah defended the worship of Yahweh over popular Baal. One of the kings who ruled over Israel was named Ahab. He stirred the anger of the Lord. His wife, Jezebel, who was a worshiper of Baal, convinced him to build an altar to the fake god. Elijah, a prophet of the Lord, was sent to him and conduct a test. Two altars were built - one to Jehovah and one to Baal. The priests of Baal called upon their god to send down fire, but there was no response. Then Elijah called upon the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, and fire came down and burnt up the offering. The people turned upon the priests of Baal and killed them all. Later the wicked queen, Jezebel, coveted a vineyard for Ahab, and she caused Naboth, the owner of the vineyard, to be placed in front of the battle. When he was slain, Ahab took the vineyard. Once more Elijah came and denounced Ahab and Jezebel, telling them that they had done wickedly, and that the Lord would punish them. In a little while the prophet's words came true, for Ahab was slain in battle and Jezebel was put to death by order of King Jehu. Elijah was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire. The biblical records averred that Elijah the Prophet never died and believed that he was flown to heaven in a flaming chariot. According to Jewish tradition, Elijah visits every Pesach Seder held during the festival. Legend has it that Elijah the Prophet appears in times of great difficulty and trouble to bring relief and redemption to the downtrodden. The Prophet Elijah's return is prophesied in the Book of Malachi and Jews keenly awaits the coming of the Prophet Elijah centuries after his departure from Israel's soil.