Numerous poems have been written to commemorate the festival of Passover. Check out the list of popular poetry for Pesach.

Passover Poems

Passover is one of the most sanctimonious occasions for the Jews celebrated to commemorate their emancipation from slavery under the Egyptian Pharaoh. Their exodus from Egypt and the freedom won by the Israelites, as mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, is honored with the celebration of this joyful event. The holiday extends over a week and Jews across the world get along with their families to revel in the glory of Passover. It is one of the most important Jewish festivals and is marked with merriment and feasting that continues for an entire week. Like any other festival, there are several poems themed on Passover as well that conveys the religious sentiments associated with this occasion. Poems have been compiled on a large number of topics. The arena of poetry is very vast and extensive. Poems are a great way to put across the warmth of your feeling, also one of the oldest as well as most trusted. This write-up brings to you different types of poems that you can include in your Passover celebrations.

Popular Passover Poetry For Pesach
When it comes to Passover poems, the options are endless. Passover poems add that extra sparkle in the celebration of this auspicious occasion. In case you are not good at rhyming, don't lose heart! Not everyone is a born poet, but the art of writing poetry can be acquired after reading the works of great poets. Go through the Pesach poetry listed here and try to pen down words on your own. In case you are not interested in writing poetry, it will be an excellent idea to incorporate the popular Pesach poetry given here to make your celebrations all the more heartening.

Children Passover Poems
Whatever may be the occasion, the most enthusiastic group of individuals comprises of children. They are filled with all vigor and energy, which infuses life into the celebration as well.

Remember The Passover Lamb
It is for you His blood was placed on the wooden frame.
The passover foretold.
Who our souls from death hold.
This Passover remember the lamb that was slain.
It was for you is this not plain?
There is no need to wander,if under the blood your name is found.
To the curse your soul need no longer be bound.
The promise still stands.
You may enter in to the Promise land.
Hebrew children did you know...
That is was for you "He" came so that to heaven you may go.
The Passover Lamb was God's gift to you.
This is true...

Christian Passover Poems
Passover celebration has an important relevance with the history, as it was celebrated for remembering the emigration of the Israelites from Egypt and their safe voyage across the Red Sea.

A Feast Revealing God's Great Love.
Miracles Came From Up Above.
To Free His People God Would Send
A Man Called Moses To Defend
His People. He Would Take A Stand.
He'd Take Them Out Of Pharaoh's Hand,
And Lead Them To The Promised Land.

A Feast Revealing God's Great Love.
His Miracle Came From Up Above.
To Save His People He Sent His Son.
A Victory, Over Satan, Won.
Our Holy Lamb That Day Was Slain.
To Die For Us Was Why He Came.
His Blood Cleansed Every Sinful Shame.

This Feast Revealing God's Great Love,
These Miracles From Up Above,
Although Our Days Sometimes Seem Dim,
Remind Us Why We Worship Him.
He Knows How Long These Days Will Last.
He's Seen The Darkest Shadows Cast.
Our Troubles, Too, Will Soon Be Passed.

Short Passover Poems
Part of Being Jewish Is a Choice
Part of being Jewish is a choice
As one becomes an act of preservation.
Seders start the stream of admonition,
Stories meant to bind one to the past.
On words alone the exiles had to last,
Verses reified by repetition,
Each an heirloom of a generation
Reared to give those ancient words a voice.

Passover poems are abundant and one can easily pen down these well-meaning and thought-provoking poems in greeting cards or frame it and handover as a Passover gift. You can also recite Pesach poetry at the family gathering, over the Seder. These poems are very inspirational and motivating as they reflect the difficulties faced by the Jews during their enslavement in Egypt. The power of the Holy God, who helped Jews to escape the Egyptian army by parting Red Sea and paving the way to triumph their freedom. In a nutshell, Passover poems deliver the essence of this deeply religious festival in a heart-moving manner.

Children Passover Poems
Whatever may be the occasion, the presence of young, enthusiastic kids just multiplies the fun quotient of any celebration manifold. Their absence, on the other hand, makes all celebrations lifeless and lackluster. Kids are filled with vigor and energy; they infuse life in any celebration they care to participate in. Passover is one of the most awaited

Christian Passover Poems
The Passover celebration shares an important relevance in history as it was celebrated to commemorate the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their safe flight across the Red Sea. This journey, described in the Book of Exodus, was led by Moses. Apart from the Jews, even the Christians celebrate Passover in their own special way. According to the new testament of the Holy Bible,

Short Passover Poems
Passover is one of the most important festivals of the Jews. It is celebrated by entire Jewish community with much pomp and fanfare across the globe. This festival commemorates the release of the Jewish people from years of slavery under the ancient Egyptians. Passover or Pesach begins on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan. This falls in the month of March or April according to the Gregorian