Poetry is the easiest way to tell kids about the essence of Passover (Pesach). Here is a list of Pesach poetry for kids.

Children Passover Poems

Whatever may be the occasion, the presence of young, enthusiastic kids just multiplies the fun quotient of any celebration manifold. Their absence, on the other hand, makes all celebrations lifeless and lackluster. Kids are filled with vigor and energy; they infuse life in any celebration they care to participate in. Passover is one of the most awaited festivals for children. Their presence makes it all the more cheerful and lively. But that is not all. It is also necessary to teach children about the real essence of celebrating Pesach. One of easiest ways to do it is through Passover poems that are enjoyed by children and are easy to comprehend too. Read these poems out to your children or a younger sibling or jot them down in a beautiful card and present it to them. Pesach poems will make it easy for the young kids to understand the true essence of celebrating Passover. Below listed are a string of Pesach poems for kids. Read on for more.

Pesach Poetry For Kids

The Telling
Why is this night unlike all others
Are questions the youngest must say
We recline, we pray, we ask the Almighty
Please deliver us from Egypt this day.

Bitters and herbs are ours to consume
To remember the Exodus then
We eat, we drink, we cross the waters
Are pursued by Pharaoh and his men.
The Haggadah reading commands that we tell
How our ancestors toil, how they cry
We plead, we bend, we climb with Moses
And receive the tablets at Mount Sinai.

Elijah is here my father sings out
ALl bear witness as he flies
We tremble, we hide, we wait as he nears
We peer down through his ancient eyes. - Brenda Spigelman Ajzenkopf

How Could The Lord For Our Sake Part The Sea
How could the Lord for our sake part the sea
And choose full well a folk that evil knew?
Passion, greed, and cruelty each Jew
Possessed with Egypt's children equally.
Yet those the Lord anointed as His own,
Passing over them on vengeance bent,
After many centuries to repent,
Still have, like other humans, hearts of stone.
So must we understand the Lord's high will
On us to place a burden, not a crown.
Vivid though His love, we lay it down
Even as we think we bear it still,
Righteous in our hearts, yet doing ill. - Nicholas Gordon

Here We Have A Story For The World
Here we have the story for the world,
A tale of justice served and freedom won,
Principles of goodness, universal,
Printed out on stone by God's own hand.
Yes, the past was bloody, and the old
Promise was by faithlessness undone.
And wonders ceased, memories turned brittle,
Shadows fell, and love turned into land.
Still, the story breathes the air of words
Old and new, a tale not writ in stone,
Vast as the hard history of a people
Ever changing, ever one, a grand
Recital running through time's glass like sand. - Nicholas Gordon

How Best Can We Remember
How best can we remember we were slaves?
After all, it's been three thousand years.
Perhaps in time the ceremony paves
Pleasingly the terrace of our tears.
Yet it happened once, this morning myth,
Past the open window of the wound,
And again, and yet again, the truth
Still streaming from the altars of the doomed.
So must we be the slaves of our own time,
Our holocaust the holocaust of all,
Victorious only when the ancient crime
Exists alone as ritual and rhyme,
Remnants of a myth beyond recall. - Nicholas Gordon

Passover Celebrates
Passover celebrates that glorious day
After the Lord passed over our first born,
Striking out in freedom on that dawn
So long ago, with God to lead the way.
Over 3,000 years have passed since that bright day:
Vicissitudes have died, and new ones born;
Each night of terror brings a brave new dawn,
Recalling us to our eternal way. - Nicholas Gordon

Time After Time They Come
Time after time, they come to destroy us,
Day after day we live;
In love that flows from parents to children
We find the strength to give,
In love that flows beneath all memory
We find the strength to give.

Under the earth we lay our sorrows,
Life keeps them fresh and green;
In growth that springs from sunshine and rain
We find the strength to dream,
In hope that springs from the wounds of the earth
We find the strength to dream.

Come with me and fill my heart,
Come fill me with your song;
In the beauty of your smiling face
I know I will be strong,
In the beauty of your grieving face
I know I will be strong.

Tenderness lies enwrapped in darkness,
Music fills the night;
In love we feel for those who have loved us
There is eternal light,
In love we feel for one another
There is eternal light. - Nicholas Gordon