Arranging Seder party is an important part of Passover celebrations. Read this article to find tips on constructing cordial invitations to your prospect guests.

Passover Holiday Invitations

Passover is a widely celebrated Jewish Festival which generally lasts from seven to eight days in the early spring. The story of Passover is a part of how the Israelites were freed by the Pharaoh and made the exodus out of Egypt. Passover is also celebrated in honor of the birth of the Jewish nation after a long struggle through hardships. Also, it marks the beginning of the harvest season there. Passover is perfect occasion to share with family and friends and hence, it is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Traditional family customs and rituals add meaning to your holiday parties. If you are planning to invite your dear and near to gather at your place to share love and happiness, then you have to prepare it in advance. Also, you should invite your prospect guests formally week or few days in advance. With technology so advanced, traditional post cards are not the one and only option to invite people. You may opt for e-card or e-mail for a fast delivery of invitations. To add more personal touch, you may prepare handmade invitation cards too, provided you could afford time. Read the article below to get some tips and ideas on Passover invitation cards.

Pesach Holiday Invitations
Option 1- Making A Passover Invitation Card
You can involve children while making the Passover greeting card which involves writing Pesach, in Hebrew on the front of the card together with a Star of David.
Materials Required
  • 1 Sheet Blue Card Stock
  • Gold And White Paint Pens
  • Blue Glitter Glue
  • Black Marker
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pattern
  • Take a print of the pattern. Cut the pattern into two separate pieces, the three Hebrew letters and the Star of David.
  • Fold the card stock into half to make your card.
  • Place the pattern for the Hebrew letters at the top of your card and hold in place. Make use of a pencil to trace the letters. Repeat the process for the Star of David, placing that below the Hebrew letters.
  • Use a gold paint pen to trace over the Star of David pockmark, and then color in the star.
  • Repeat the process for the Hebrew letters using a white paint pen. Draw a border around the white letters using the black marker.
  • Outline the gold star with blue glitter glue and allow to dry 5-6 hours or overnight.
  • You can use construction paper instead of card stock. Crayons can be used instead of paint pens.
Option 2 - Buying Invitation Cards
  • Passover cards will be available in the shops or online from the beginning of the season. Select an interesting card and send it to family and friends in advance for the Passover party.
  • Passover invitations and party goods with personalized messages and designs are available. This would help you add your personal touch to whichever card you select.
  • it is always safe to send or mail holiday invitations 4-8 weeks in advance to the event so that you can avoid confusion in the eleventh hour.
  • Show off your cheerful personality and spirited holiday joyfulness with festive holiday party invitations designed for party hosts by buying ready-made card invitations or making one at home.
Invitation Wordings
  • “Let us make this Passover Seder worth remembering.  Please join our family on this Passover at (date, time and venue).
  • “From generation to generation we carry on with the richness of tradition and the promise of tomorrow. Let's make this Passover an unforgettable one. Join us at our Seder (date, time and venue).
  • “Please share you joy with us on this Passover as our son (name ofyour son) becomes Bar Mitzvah. “
  • “We are planning to celebrate this Passover with our dear and near. Your stay near to our heart and please do accept this invitation and bless us with your esteemed presence.”
Option 3 - Dropping An E-mail Initiation
Passover is a perfect time to have fun. We have planned an amazing Seder at our place to meet with all dear and near. A mouthwatering multi-course feast with delicious wine and handmade Matzah is awaiting you. Join us on this Passover and we promise a good time with for friends and relatives. We will host a Seder on (Date, day, time and venue with address)."

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Given above are some options to consider when you invite people for your Seder. If running shot of time, you may opt for e-cards with good wordings and attractive pictures.