Passover messages help Jewish people to honor freedom and lead life according to its tenets. Go ahead and read further to capture the message that lies within.

Passover Message

Freedom is the human trait that cannot be compromised and many wars and battles have been fought for the same. Speaking of Passover, it is a festival which celebrates freedom from the enslavement of the Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt. The essence of the festival facilitates the need to treasure, share, support and to fight for the people who suffer. The Pesach traditions and the customs encourage the people to express their thoughts and truth freely and encourage overcoming fear. The Jewish have to act against the wrong deeds imposed upon them and raise voice to value their freedom. It is considered as an insult to the Jewish God if the people do not act against the wrong actions. Thus, the festival conveys valuable qualities in the upbringing of the young minds and trains them to express their views without fear. Passover revolves around the acceptance of the Torah guiding daily life and so the pure and holy life eventually leads to real freedom. Read on to grab the true message of the festival and enjoy it in the right sense.

Passover Holiday Message
  • The lesson of Passover every year has to offer a Jew an important message. It is stated that in every generation each Jew should experience himself as though he had been personally liberated from Egypt.
  • Freedom and Independence are the basic foundation required in every human's life. Battles were fought and numerous weapons were prepared for this sole goal. The story of Passover is a clear picture for attaining this human right which they had to rebel against the dictatorship and the tyranny of Pharaoh of Egypt. Hence, these values are indeed essential to teach the children and nurture the human minds.
  • It teaches the human minds to give up fear and to stand up for the right endeavors. This incorporates in them the golden values of honesty and respect which they carry throughout in their lives.    
  • Story of Passover holds great divinity to it and if unaided would determine the destiny of the people. The message of Passover revolves around the central themes of freedom, salvation and hope. It is said that the fortunes of people are determined by the amount of their commitment in faith and to its prophets.
  • The Passover message is accentuated by the three important symbols in Seder. It is mentioned by the sages and the wiser men that unless the Jews realize the importance and the real meaning of the festival, he/she has not observed Seder appropriately.
  • The message of Passover is that the celebration of freedom must be linked with the commandants. It mainly focuses on the upbringing of the coming generation who has to carry the Jewish culture forward in the coming future. It a duty of the Jewish children to lead a life in accordance with the Jewish culture and education.
  • Passover festivals message offer a sense of hope that, even when things seem worse and hopeless, you can feel better by expecting the best. In the Jewish tradition, they suggest that Miriam and the women of Israel knew that even when things looked miserable and desperate, rushing out of Egypt, there would come a time to celebrate, sing, and dance. The message is that you can come out of a tight spot by expecting the best. Keep alive always the positive vibes of hope and prepare for a better future.
  • Freedom is an ongoing phenomenon and people around the world are enslaved by their own fears. The message given is that you can move forward by breaking free. Freedom knows no boundaries; it is in a state of mind. One should learn to overcome fear instead of giving into it.
  • The right interpretation and the correct understanding of the story is essential to clearly pass the message of this occasion. It should be a means to provide qualities of bravery and courage to the huge masses that form the future. This helps to create a better tomorrow and prevent the people from going astray.