Delight your friends and family by presenting them with beautiful gift baskets this Passover. Read the lines below for few gift basket ideas.

Passover Gift Basket

Passover, the festival of celebrating freedom has to be observed to honor the traditions and renew Jewish customs. On this occasion, families and friends from distant places gather together so as to enjoy the gaiety and spirit of this occasion. This is the perfect time to gift your dear ones with presents that reflect the right Jewish tradition. These gift baskets are perfect for your Seder table gathering. It should have a personalized touch and sentiments attached to it which cost more than anything else. Gift baskets have been an all - time favorite for the people as Passover gifts. It is a pleasing gesture of love and has various options for the host or the hostess of the party. The sight of the unique contents of the basket will surely gather admirations from around the table. Make this auspicious festival even more special with these gift packs and let it remain a long lasting memory. Scroll further to take a look at the options which you may include in your gift.

Gift Basket for Passover Holidays
Tempting Gift Basket
What would be the better way to bring a smile to your loved and dear ones? Gift them a basket of goodies like truffles, coffees, mix of assorted fruits and nuts in a natural willow basket, cookies, tea boxes and chocolate. Its nicely presented colorful ribbons bind the entire basket well which enthrall the heart of the owner.

Good Impression Basket
Make a good impression on your love and gift them with a basket of large assortment of fresh fruits, cheese, chocolates, sausages, cookies, mixed nuts, pretzels of peanut butter. The impression is sure to stay on for a long time.

Gourmet Goodies Basket
Who does not like gourmet goodies? Why not surprise your dear ones with a gourmet goodies basket also including tea leaves, coffee, cocoa, deco mugs, tea sampler- all in a beautiful basket shaped like a teacup wicker basket.

Gift in Style Basket
Wine has always been regarded as the royal drink and is an important part of the Jewish Passover tradition. Gift a French sparkling wine and have chocolates, truffles, cookies and cheese to go along with it. This is a great way to gift in style and you get to choose the wines as well.

Fresh Fragrance of Flowers
Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion. A lovely basket of vibrant, fresh, appealing seasonal flowers is sure to blossom anyone's day. Gift them a floral bouquet, the fragrance of which gives them long lasting memories.

Pesach Blooms
This gift set comprises three gorgeous gifts that are perfect for the Seder table. A bottle of Teperberg Silver Merlot (Passover Kosher), beautifully embroidered luxurious table napkins and a Haggadah presented in a smart box.

Passover Taste
Make your family thrilled by the sight of this gift pack. It contains a bottle of grape juice, a box of charoset for the Seder table, a box of kosher, chocolates for the Seder meal and a bag of nuts. What could be more thoughtful than gifting them a Passover taste pack.

Sweet & Kosher for Passover
This stylish and fresh Passover treat is sure to gather awes around the table. It contains a quality kosher with a stylish tray of dried fruits and nuts and delicious chocolate and orange peel.

Ma Nishtanah
This can be considered to be a picnic basket with the traditional gifts perfect to shape the customary Passover festival. It contains Hagadda in the shape of Matzo, kosher for Passover and a bottle of grape juice. There are also two ceramic Matza spreaders with a delicious tray of dried fruits.

Beautiful Passover Gift Set
Present a basketful of Seder collection of matzoh plates, matzoh pot holder, embellished towels, and matzah spreaders wrapped up as a beautiful gift tower in a basket decorated with colored ribbons.

Mixed Pastry Gift Pack
A mixed pastry gift basket with an assortment of homemade brownies, chocolate chips, chocolate cookies, raisin cookies, chocolate bars packed in an attractive basket can be impressive and is a mouth - watering gift idea.