Enjoy your Passover holidays by having fun and playing games. Listed below are few games that can be played by both kids and adults.

Passover Games

Passover can be summed up as a festival of traditions, customs, rites and rituals. This festival brings together family for the fasts and feasts. Stories of exodus are narrated and children listen attentively to it. This helps everyone around the table to be involved and the entire effort becomes entertaining. Games on the eve of Passover are perfect to keep the tempo going and are handy to keep the children undistracted. The festival is viewed with great interest and calls for the participation of the youngest as well as the oldest. On this Jewish festival, people relive the moment of the harsh conditions of the slaves in the form of narrating stories and thank their Lord for their liberation. Passover games make the situation light hearted and help in socializing and opening hearts to each other in the true spirit of the joyous festival. Scroll further!

Games For Pesach Holidays

Buzz Passover Party Game
  • It is an old classic Passover game but with loads of fun.
  • Larger the number of players, the better. No preparations or materials are required.
  • Children are asked to sit in a circle, 'a buzz number' is decided and the players start counting in turn.
  • When any buzz number appears or any multiple of the number is reached, the player in question must say 'buzz' instead of the number, like say 4, 3, 2, and so on. Any player who makes a mistake must leave the circle, and the last player left is the winner.
Hands Up
  • This Passover game is fun to play and can be managed with a medium sized group of 10 -12 children.
  • The children are split in two groups and sit in a line facing each other at a table or on the floor. They can hide their hands under the table or behind the back on the floor.
  • The players on one side are the guessers and the players on the other side are the hiders.
  • The hiders have to pass a small object like a button or a coin from hand to hand under the table or behind the backs.
  • The passing through is kept a secret.
  • One of the guessers says out 'Hands Up”. The hiders must place their hands out in front of them.
  • The guessers have to guess the one who is holding the object. They gain a point for a right guess and the roles are swapped.
  • Eight rounds are played and the team with the most points at the end is declared the winner.
Chopstick Handling Skill
  • There are five participants in this game.
  • They are provided with large oversized chopsticks and difficult small pieces and tidbits in a bowl.
  • The bowl is passed from one to another participant and each one of them has to attempt to lift the small tidbits.
  • The fastest and the most number of tidbits collected wins the game.
Passover Quiz
  • A mini quiz show organized at the Seder table.
  • The game may include all the available participants at the table.
  • Awards may be given to the winners which will enhance the participation.
Passover Treasure Hunt

Things You Need
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Matzo (Afikomen)
  • Hide the Afikomen in any place in the house.
  • Write a series of clues to lead the kids in their tasks from the dining room to the place where you hid Afikomen.
  • You may hide the clues under their plates or glasses itself.
  • Start reading the first clue which will lead you to the next.
Memory Game
  • The number of participants for this game is not fixed.
  • Let the first player begin by saying a Passover dish name or anything related to it.
  • The second player has to repeat the first word and contribute his word to it too.
  • The third player has to repeat the first two words and contribute his to the chain and this goes on.
  • If one player mixes up the order or forgets the word in between, he/she is out and the game passes to the next player.