The movie 'Joseph: King of Dreams' is an adaptation of the popular biblical story of Joseph from the Book of Genesis. Read to know the plot summary of the film 'Joseph: King of Dreams'.

Joseph: King of Dreams

'Joseph: King of Dreams' is an animated movie released in the year 2000. The movie is an adaptation of a widely known story from the Book of Genesis, 'King of Dreams'. Directed by Rob LaDuca and Robert C. Ramirez, the film was produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg, under the banner of Dream Works Animation. This flick is a sequel to 1998 film 'The Prince of Egypt'. The movie revolves around the life of Joseph, a "miracle child" who is gifted with the ability of visualizing then future while sleeping. Joseph's abilities to prognosticate win him a favored position with the Pharaoh of Egypt, but ignites rancor in the relationship with his brothers. This movie emphasizes on love-hatred that one inhibits towards his loved ones. With its sweet and simple message 'Joseph: King of Dreams' can said to be a 'must-watch' on the occasion of Passover. In case you are looking for the plot and summary of this movie, continue browsing through the lines below.

Joseph: King Of Dreams Story

The Plot
Joseph was born to a supposedly barren woman, Rachel, and consequently was bestowed with the title 'Miracle Child'. Joseph, youngest of twelve children of his parents, eventually becomes his father, Jacob's, favorite. This enkindles more jealousy and hatred amongst the other siblings. One day, when Joseph is gifted a beautiful coat from his father, his brothers feel that they have had enough of it and hence, decide to get rid of him. Then starts a series of dreams that Joseph sees in his sleep and quite surprisingly each of them start turning true. Once he dreams that his brothers carry sheaves of wheat and bow down to him. He even sees that he is a bright star shining in the sky surrounded by eleven smaller ones.

This angers his brothers who decide to take him to a cave in order to get rid of him. However, Joseph follows and overhears them. Being noticed by his brothers, they tear his cloak and hurl him down the pit. To his surprise, they rescue him and sell off to the desert merchants who take him to faraway Egypt. Meanwhile, back home, the brothers produce the bloodied and torn cloak depicting that Joseph has been killed by a wild beast. Joseph serves as a slave under a wealthy Egyptian Potiphar. Nonetheless, his wife, Zuleika gets attracted to Joseph who tries to seduce him but to no avail. Disappointed, she accuses him of rape and Potiphar sentences him to death. But soon he finds the truth and imprisons him rather than killing him.

Here in the prison, Joseph makes many predictions which eventually turn true. This message slowly passes on to the Pharaoh of Egypt who orders for producing Joseph before him. He predicts that Egypt will see seven years of abundance after which there will be tremendous shortage of food for the next seven years. Joseph suggests that one fifth of the ration must be kept aside for the drought period in order to save Egypt. The Pharaoh makes him the second most powerful man in Egypt and is bestowed with the name Zaphenapt-Paneah. Years pass by and Egypt is saved while Joseph is married to Asenath, the niece of Potiphar and fathers two kids.

The story continues with Joseph's brothers coming to Egypt on the pretext of buying food with the money they had earned from selling Joseph. However, Joseph refuses and asks them to prove themselves. They, then, inform that they require food for their ailing father and youngest brother which angers Joseph to the worst. He imprisons Simeon and asks others to leave. The brothers leave in dismay. This equally shocks Asenath and inquires about the entire incident from Joseph. He tells her the entire story, which leaves Asenath shocked. The brothers come back again this time with a young man named Benjamin who is almost identical to Joseph.

Joseph releases Simeon, but holds back Benjamin asking him about his family. He is shocked to learn that his mother has passed away and that his father pampers Benjamin to the best fearing that he would lose him just like Joseph. The brothers are then invited to a feast where Joseph quietly slides a golden chalice in Benjamin's bag. At the end of the feast, Joseph stops them from leaving on the pretext of stealing his goblet. In spite of his brothers' objection, he tears all the sacks of food and finds the goblet in Benjamin's sack. He is ordered to be imprisoned but to Joseph's surprise, the brothers beg to let him free and imprison them instead.

They state that Benjamin is the only hope for Jacob's living else, he would die. Here, all the brothers confess that they had been blinded and tried to get rid of Joseph by lying that he had been killed by a wolf. Joseph gets emotional and forgives them all. He then reveals his true identity and asks his brothers to get their families to the palace and stay along with them. Thus, Joseph is reunited with his father once again. In the end, it comes to pass that the dreams that angered his brothers were only prophecies on the behest of God.

Portraying one of the most widely known and loved stories, the film 'Joseph: King of Dreams' will certainly be a great treat to watch for the entire family on the occasion of Passover.