Sung at the close of Seder, Adir Hu is a Jewish hymn with a catchy tune. Read on to find more about the song and its English translation.

Adir Hu (He Is Mighty)

Adir Hu, which is translated as 'Mighty is He', is a sing-along song with a catchy tune and is generally sung towards the ends of the Seder. This Jewish hymn expresses hope that the age of Messiah will return and the sacred Holy Temple will be rebuilt. In Hebrew, each line of this hymn starts with a different letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order. Since the hymn was penned down, it has had many variations over the years, but the original song dates back to the German Minnesinger period. The first noted music for Adir Hu is found in the 1644 "Rittangel Hagada". In 1677, the second form was found in "Hagada Zevach Pesach", later joined by the third and closest form found in the 1769 "Selig Hagada". The third version of "Haggadah" is also known in German as the "Baugesang", the song of the rebuilding of the Temple. Taking a cue from Adir Hu, a customary German greeting was created to be used on the night of Passover after one left the synagogue called "Bau Gut" ("build well"). Here is the Hebrew as well as the English translation of the song.

Adir Hu - The Song
Yivneh veito b'karov
Bim'heirah, bim'heirah, b'yameinu b'karov
Ei-l b'neih! Ei-l b'neih!
B'neih veit'kha b'karov

Bachur hu, gadol hu, dagul hu,

Hadur hu, vatik hu, zakai hu, chasid hu,

Tahor hu, yachid hu, kabir hu,
Lamud hu, melekh hu, nora hu,
Sagiv hu, izuz hu, podeh hu, tzadik hu

Kadosh hu, rachum hu, shaddai hu,
takif hu

God Is Mighty
May He soon rebuild his house.
Speedily, speedily and in our days, soon.
G-d, rebuild! G-d, rebuild!
Rebuild your house soon!
He is distinguished, He is great, He is exhalted
He is glorious, He is faithful, He is faultless, He is righteous
He is pure, He is unique, He is powerful,
He is wise, He is King, He is awesome,
He is sublime, He is all-powerful, He is the redeemer, He is all-righteous
He is holy, He is compassionate, He is almighty, He is omnipotent

This song has a lot of repetition that makes it a very easy sing along. If you carefully observe the lyrics, you will notice that most of the virtues of God are adjectives with a few exceptions of nouns. Adir Hu is sung towards the end of the Seder that has a very traditional melody with a peppy, major one.